Our Capabilities

Amana Investments is capable of providing the following services through its subsidiary companies:

Amana’s success has centered on a strongly networked, decentralized model of small, agile offices compared to a large, cumbersome centralized structure. Standardized and shared standard policies and procedures coupled with a secure IT network and MIS systems provide the advantages of a large group while maintaining the flexibility and quick reaction of smaller offices.


Amana Investments invests in specialty equipment which contributes to the professional finish of a project, rather than capital intensive heavy equipment. The heavy equipment needed for any particular project is procured from the local market through long-term lease arrangements.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Amana has a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system implemented to ensure the well-being of all employees. The administration is committed to the successful execution of all projects and the establishment of an accident-free record.

The HSE system is unique to the requirements of each project. Amana identifies all HSE aspects including potential hazards for each project. The HSE plan is then developed, implemented and maintained throughout the project lifespan and ensures that all personnel, including subcontractors, are aware of, and are committed to the system.

The plan also identifies and established resources essential to the implementation and control of the HSE system. The program analyzes on-site accident prevention and considers general safety requirements for employees, equipment, transportation, demolition, excavation, scaffolding, site layout, storage areas, and welfare facilities. The plan also outlines required standards of housekeeping and the disposal of waste materials.

Each HSE policy instructs and guides all employees to the safety aspects of their occupation. The program incorporates responsibilities for management, personnel, project managers, site engineers, safety officers, and workers.

Amana Investments is ISO certified 14001 and 18001.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Amana Investments takes a three-phase approach to quality assurance and quality control to eliminate opportunities for error, thus reducing or eliminating defects and their associated costs.

Phase One – Preparatory Inspection

Performed before mobilizing to a construction site, the preparatory inspection establishes the controls that would be required during actual construction, verifies all equipment and materials have been reviewed and approved for use, and ensures all staff on site understand the work required.

Phase Two – Initial Inspection

The initial inspection is a major checkpoint to ensure that everything is ready before actually proceeding. At this phase, all parties must guarantee that controls established during preparatory inspections are adequate and workmanship is as expected. Any corrective action, changes in methods, re-emphasis on quality, or recommendations to improve the work done must be discussed at this stage before work can begin. A project cannot proceed unless this phase is completed.

Phase Three – Follow-Up Inspections

A continual process, follow-up inspections provide regular monitoring of progress and work performed. Performed daily, all observations are noted in the Quality Control Report.

Amana Investments is ISO certified 9001.